National Board

Tony Whelan, National President

Tony Whelan

Tony Whelan has a professional background in psychology with 20 years of experience in human services as a practitioner and in senior leadership roles. Tony has worked in the fields of youth, justice, housing & homelessness, refugee settlement, and disability advocacy.

Mirella Prasad, Vice President

Mirella Prasad has a 20+ year career in the corporate sector in a range of industries and brings a superior track record leading cultural and operational change through strategy development, effective project management, risk management and relationship management. Mirella also holds a position on the Better Hearing Australia Brisbane Board.

Andrew Bush, Secretary

Andrew Bush spent the majority of his working life working with Church and para-Church counselling, social service and welfare agencies. In 1978, he joined the staff of The Scots’ Church, Melbourne and served as its Missioner; and also the Missioner of the Presbyterian and Scots’ Church Joint Mission, a day centre for homeless people where he served until 1985. Andrew was a Justice of the Peace in NSW for 50 years.

Jeannette Durlak, Treasurer

Jeannette Durlak has more than 15 years experience in Finance and Administration Management. Jeannette has a significant role in supporting Better Hearing Australia in implementing its Strategic Plan by managing its financial processes and reporting obligations.

Joan Belle, director

Joan Belle

Joan Belle is a retired primary school teacher with over 30 years experience. She taught a range of class levels as well as spending time as an Integration Teacher. With deteriorating hearing, Joan attended lipreading sessions. Such was her interest, she trained to become a BHA lipreading tutor. For more than a decade she has been leading Hearing Loss Management Sessions in Geelong. Joan is now the BHA National Training Coordinator for trainees studying the Hearing Loss Management Course and represents trainees on the National Board.

Bob Belle, director

Bob Belle

Bob is a retired consulting engineer who occasionally returns to his previous profession for special projects. He has been a committee member of the BHA Geelong branch since 2010 and has been actively involved in running the branch. He has a great interest in the financial viability of the local branches, and has a practical understanding of the problems they encounter.

Thomas McCaul, director

Thomas McCaul is a former BHA Victoria Chair (2011-2012) and BHA National President (2010-2012). Thomas was born deaf and is a recipient of bilateral cochlear implants. Although he has a strong scientific background working on human infectious diseases in the USA, Australia and UK, he has worked for the last two decades in organisations that provide a wide range of services to Deaf and hard of hearing people. This has included roles at the Victorian Deaf Society where he was a senior quality coordinator and as a business systems coordinator at BHA Victoria.

Greg Lawrence, director

Greg is a digital communication professional with strong project management, digital marketing, instructional design, and eLearning development skills. Greg has degrees in environmental science, geology, multimedia and policy. He has more than 18 years’ experience as a professional communicator and has worked at BHP Billiton, CSIRO, the Hearing Cooperative Research Centre and the University of Western Australia. He is an electronic musician who lives with tinnitus.